If I were a door by Lenny

If I were a black door,

I would lead you 

Into a cove of crows fluttering,

Spiders crawling,

And bats dozing.

If I were a red door,

I would show you

Raspberries being picked,

Rose petals fluttering,

And ruby gems glistening.

If I were a purple door,

I would share with you

Plums growing slowly,

Grapes getting eaten 

And blackcurrant juice being sipped.

If I were a green door,

I would make you,

Roll around in grass on a summer’s morning,

I would make you jump on lily-pads

And make you jump around at FLIP OUT.

If I were a yellow door,

I would take you,

To golden daffodils delighted with smell,

Lemons full of tang

And bumblebees sucking nectar.

If I were a white door,

I would stop you,

From throwing snowballs,

Drinking cold milk on a crisp December morning

And trying to write on paper.

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