If I were a door- by Martha

If I were a yellow door,
I would lead you to,
Paths of pansy petals,
The scent of lemon tea,
Or shelves of bees honey.

If I were a red door,
I would give you,
Ruby red roses,
Bight ripe cherry’s,
Or freshly baked red velvet cakes.

If I were  a blue door
I would show you,
Shining seaside shells,
Fields of fairy thimble flowers,
Or blue wales dancing in the depths.

If I were a green door,
I would sing you,
A budgie’s sweet call,
A mantis’s melody,
Or a cricket’s continuing chirp.

If I were a purple door,
I would give you,
A bright basket of alliums,
Washed up mermaid scales
Or fresh lavender grapes.

If I were a pink door,
I would lead you to,
Fields of tulips,
A summer’s sunset,
Or cherry blossom falling. 

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