If I were a door by Zac

If I were a black door,

I would take you 

To the caves of ravens,

The black mamba sleeping behind a rock

Widow spiders crawling along the walls.

If I were a red door,

I would lead you 

To rose petals that fall soft every time,

Cherries without their nut

Watermelon so juicy mouths water.

If I were a white door

I would make you 

Roll snowballs for the big showdown

Eat luxurious wedding cakes

Snow falling onto the grounds.

If I were a green door

I would show you

Frogs jumping into action 

Crisp green leaves falling from the trees

Lily pads drifting with the calm waters.

If I were a blue door 

I would sing you

The song of the blue crystal butterflies

Blue whales shouting like a fountain 

Grapes forming to make others.

If I were a pink door

I would teach you 

To eat candy floss without getting sticky

Grow cherry blossom trees

Eat raspberries on a warm spring morning.


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