I’ve never…But I have…

I’ve never…But I have…

I’ve never scratched a hyena’s chin,

but I have tickled my cat’s paw,

I have never seen a UFO fly over Morrison’s,          but I have seen a bird soar over the iridescent sunset,

I have never ridden a flaming phoenix in the night sky,

But I have ridden a maroon horse skipping along the silky grass,

I’ve never traveled in a spaceship at the speed of light,

But I have gone on a speeding roller coaster that pushed me around,

I’ve never shot an AK-47,

But I have shot my friends with nerf guns,

I’ve never saw a hungry jaguar climb a rippled tree backwards,

But I have a seen a miniature squirrel clamber up a cherry bush,

I’ve never took a glimpse at an enchanting forest

But I have seen a secluded village submerged in an immense mountain,

I have never seen a dragon breathing scalding fire

But I have seen a wolf howling in the shadows of the moonlight,





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