I have never



I have never rode a energetic lion,

but I have ridden a horse along a field.


I have never fly on a enchanting unicorn,

but I have touched my cat.


I have never drove a lime Lamborghini,

But I have driven a green go-cart.


I have never swam in the pacific ocean,

But I have been swimming in my pool the size of a trampoline.


I have never owned a grey horse

but I have ridden one.


I have never flown on a Pegasus,

But I have went on a plane


I have never scored a goal in rugby

But I have scored a amazing goal in football.


I have never been to Africa with my BFF

but I have danced in the rain with her.


I have never been to Hogwarts

But I have been to gorgeous Greece.


I have never been to Liverpool

but I have been to Blackpool.



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