My Marvellous Poem

I have never seen a delicious dancing chocolate digestive showing of his smooth moves

But I have seen a daffodil grooving in the warm summer breeze .


I have never eaten 100 lemons straight after each other

But I have enjoyed a scrumptious lemon sorbet that glittered like the bright yellow sun.


I have never eaten a 1000 foot long hotdog

But I have gulped down a double quarter pounder from McDonald’s


I have never been able to score a goal against capable Cristiano Ronaldo

But I have scored a goal for my football team, Stalham.


I have never been able to ride a elephant

But I have been able to handle Havannah (one of my mums 16 horses)


I have never been able to build a house

But I have helped my dad knock his down.


I have never been  able to change the past

But I have been able to change the future.


I have never  written 10,000 page book

But I have finished this poem.


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