The wonders of the mystical doors by Josh

Go and open the blue door, maybe you’ll see,

blueberries exploding like a bomb,

a blue whale swimming in the big blue sea,

pens rubbing out poisonous ink,


Go and open the red door, maybe you’ll see,

Mystical flames shooting balls of fire

anger spreading like a virus

ketchup pouring out blood


Go and open the green door, maybe you’ll see,

Zombies attacking like a green wave of doom,

grass waving at you calmly as a breeze blows away wind

emeralds turning into leaves as they are falling from trees


Go and open the yellow door, maybe you’ll see,

chicks calling for it’s mother,

happiness stealing peoples anger,

lemons spitting on food,


Go and open the black door maybe you’ll see,

shadows lurking behind you,

doom hypnotising peoples mind,

the soul stealing space doing buisness with you,


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