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The vortex by James

He was very confused because he was sure that there wasn’t anything near the door that would have destroyed it.so he looked around and the ghost leviathan had teleported to him and then suddenly he was in a strange vortex swirling around him.Suddenly he was in a bustling village with market stalls all around him “come and get your fresh oranges earrrr!”he heard to the side of him.”our carpets are the best in town! Now50%off!”said a man from behind him. He was relieved to see the leviathan was gone but it was replaced by another threat.he was on an island surrounded by a waterfall leading to a massive chasm where at the bottom he saw an open door.

Dennis wasn’t taking any risks so he leaped into the void in the direction of the door.

down and down he went. He then went into the trouble zone. There came a terrifying screech from the mountains and out flew a brown, hairy, crimson eyed, winged,slavering, beast with razor sharp talons. But inside he saw the worst thing he could imagine, a glowing yellow heart inside a ribcage. This was it, the beast from the forest. They swooped down, the beast struck out at him, barely missing but scraping the wall, so Dennis took this as an opportunity to take off to the door.The beast was gaining on him fast so he went for it and dived down to the door.He immediately went through the door into the corridor , a sudden pain hitting his legs.

He limped into the shop, catching sight of Ned arranging some clocks.”find anything good?””no.” Shrugged Dennis.

”you know, Dennis, in our wonders you can’t always get what you want. that is why the shop is called the shadowkeep Emporium.oh well,bye.”

He shooed Dennis out and said”bye for now.”

He walked a few places and turned back to look at the Emporium but it was gone.Like the pristine black bricks never existed.He thought it was very odd.

He walked to his house,51 gasworks road. and climbed into his tree house.what he did not know was that he was being followed by a metal like parrot that perched on his chimney.It had all the time it wanted.

The always here emporium

Mark stood where the door should have been he turned around in a circle confused. After a bit he noticed that the door was beneath the water.

He ran to the water and took a deep breath and he jumped in. He felt he was becoming more tired.

Seaweed strapped to his legs and sand gathered on his back he felt like he couldn’t even breath he felt like he was becoming more tried

He struggled to open the door then he was in the Emporium

Mark slowly crept to the door the shop owner turned back “hello again”

the shop owner was busy putting books on shelf’s of the Emporium. He said “well seem’s  like you have been looking book of amazing when I told you not to ugh you can’t bring back the past” he

Well goodbye Mark come back another day.

When mark left he left he turned back wanting more to discover about this mysterious Shop and it’s owner but when he did he was GONE with the shop with the shop ALL of marks CURIOSITY  faded as if EVERYTHING was a dream.

Mark started to head home He let himself in and then a little red robin perched on his window watching Mark it seemed it wasn’t GOING ANYWHERE.

Chapter 4 the golden eye by Patrick.

Chapter 4: The golden eye.

Ignoring the creature he tried to look for the door he came in and will be leaving in hopefully, he saw nothing, not one bit of evidence  until he turned around. He saw a stream of light coming from a strawberry planet he knew it had to be the door.

He floated across the cosmos all the way there, he felt tired and exhausted it took ages to get there but he knew in his mind it was worth it. Then he remembered that the creature was still following him so he never stopped, his face drizzled with sweat. The planet looked deserted until he got over the hedge three doors stood waiting to be opened. One of the doors was a birch door and the others were a oak and pine. He was really confused and didn’t know which door to pick. His mind shut off as soon as this odd screeching noise that hurt his ears came. He took one deep breath and it stopped, he kept thinking of which door it could be.

He didn’t know what to do, his brain was working so hard that all of a sudden he felt a bit nauseous. He kept thinking, until the sound came back directly into his ears. He let out a huge scream which made him lose his focus. His started to blur and his thought disappear with one blink of an eye. He turned around and saw the the weird, un-human like creature was racing towards him, which scared him more than a snake, then he realised it was only a couple of feet away from him. His eyes only focused on the oak door he knew the it was the oak door. He took one leap for man kind. He pulled and pulled until he knew the door knob was stuck he had a plan in the time he had, he thought it wouldn’t work but it was. He turned around and realised it reached the planet. The creature gun charged up its gun, boom  the creature pulled the trigger, the laser flew past Edward hitting the door knob he ran directly to the door. Whoosh the exit flew open Edward jumped through with no hesitation he jumped through it.

He got back up the gun was charging up boom the trigger was pulled. Edward jumped up and shut the door making a loud bang. He ran as fast as his little legs could run, he stopped as soon as he hit the end of the hallway. He crept and crept until he got close enough he knew he had too dash across the landing to the exit. He ran but then he heard a voice, who could of it have been, he turned around nothing was there he turned back around knowing he would have to get home for supper “Ahh, did you find what you were looking for,” the Emporium owner said to Edward in a annoyed voice.

He ran out until he stopped when he heard the shop owner voice “The one thing that this shop can’t do is show the future are bring back the past,” his stern voice said to Edward, whilst he was polishing a golden golden eagle.

Then he shouted to Edward “ Come back again,” Edward ran away from the building with fear.

He realised that the floor was completely full of water but when he turned around he noticed the Emporium disappeared like it was never there. His dad was correct. He thought it was just a fairytale or a myth, he ran home to his house and for a strange reason thought he was being followed but that did not stop him from running home ready to tell his dad what he had just experienced. He was amazed and he knew his dad would also be  excited like him.

He ran and ran until he stopped to catch a breath he still had a weird feeling that someone or something was watching his every move. He got back up and kept running, as soon as he saw his house he ran quicker than he had ever ran. He busted through the door and told his dad the story he was more amazed then Edward was his jaw dropped to the floor and his eyes widened. Then his eyes focused on outside and he saw a golden eye staring inside there house then with a blink of an eye it disappeared from Edwards eye sight he was confused and wanted to go back to that Emporium another time but he knew it would have to be in a couple of months but then he thought that it may not be here ever again because it was magical. He knew then he would have to visit the Emporium again.

The lost emporium chapter 3 By Josh

Driving through the galaxy he reached his final destination. Mars. He landed on the planet, mystical flames stood on the ground. A space museum. But other than that the red planet was unlike anything ever seen before: Giant active volcanoes that shot lava in a blink of an eye; Glowing cyan gems shining as they tried to escape their cages; And a red desert covered the planet which also hiding the details of Mars. He knew what to do. He ran to the museum.

Opening the doors for the museum. Jack shut the door with a loud bang. “Hello,” called Jack as he walked through the empty hallway. He was met with the a deadly silence. Metal beams hung from the different floors. Iron bars blocked rooms seeing them reminded Jack of being a visitor of a jail. Jack ran up to all the floors and around every 15 steps there was a vent. He ran to the top floor. A door with bars on was there. He went into the room. He kicked the door open. Then Jack entered. Nothing was there other than a few buttons, screen and a vent.

Jack was hoping that his tiny wish that he inserted into the book would come. It didn’t seem like that though. He just wanted to see his brother. He was on an expedition to Mars. When he opened the door he knew it was his brothers room and he hoped he would be there. It didn’t feel; then he heard it.

He heard it again. It came from the vent. He heard it once more: a metallic scratches on the rock wall was accompanied with a dragging noise. He pushed his hand the hole in the vent lid made his hand into a fist got the lid out put his hand back to normal and then got it out. Hoping that this wasn’t a mistake he jumped in. The speed of the jump made him think fast. He put both of his hands and legs to both of the sides. Moving slowly, he looked down, the was a vent lid that led to an underground floor. He travelled down. He made sure that there was nothing there. Nothing  Still moving slowly he lost his grip and then crashed down entering the room.

The noise came again. It came from a door in the room. He turned around.  A door was hidden with debris. Taking the debris away he opened the door. Then Jack saw it: It had red eyes that plunged out of it’s tiny head; Knife like talons that could destroy rocks in seconds. Running as fast as his legs can carry him Jack ran through the door and jumped into the vent.  His hands hung from the metal. He climbed in the vent not even wasting a breath. The monster wasn’t very tall so trying to reach the vent was a problem for it but it gave Jack enough time to climb more and go closer to escape. His hands reached the ends of the metal but a loud ding came with him. He pulled himself up; ran through all the mysterious floors.  He went for the door. Then Jack realised the truth he the ding was the was from the elevator on the floor. He sped to the ship. The monster was right on his tail. One change of his speed would end his life. To go into the sip he had to trick the monster. He pretended to jump of the planet. The monster quickly followed. He went to the ship and drove it. He drove towards were the door should of been. The door wasn’t there. But the  monster was there.

Parking there, he went out of the giant ship. He looked at were the door should of been. There was nothing. Nothing at all. There was just was he had wrote in the book. He looked at the ground. The shadow came. Jack looked behind the monster was few metres away. Jack ran.

The Antique Emporium

Chapter 4

Leaning on the cobblestone wall, she stood up and walked away from the wall, where the door used to be.  Something appeared, there was a door digging into a rocky, unstable mountain. She only got a small glimpse of it but she knew it was the door, she strode towards the mountain and moved up, she took climbing lessons when she was younger so she knew how to climb well.

She unhestatingly, kept climbing up the mountain. Sweat rolled down her face and breath exploded out of her mouth every second. Sybil started panicking and her face went white, but she stood up and kept climbing.

Sybil was now at the top of the mountain, her body dropped and she was out of breath. The door automatically opened itself and pulled her in, a small screech came out of her, and then she fell onto rock hard ground, suddenly she stopped sweating and her face went back to normal.

Guiltily, she tried running back to the door but the lady caught her, “Hello again Sybil, i see you’ve come back from your small adventure, have you found what you were looking for?” Said the Lady in a quiet voice, Sybil looked to the ground and shook her head in distress.

“There’s no reason to feel upset Sybil, you cant bring the past back from writing in the book, i tried.” Said the old lady. She put down her diamond sculpture she was polishing. The sun shone on it and it glistened.

The old lady walked towards the door and pulled it open, “Goodbye Sybil! And also if you were wondering my name is Rose, no need to call me Lady anymore.” She said, as Sybil walked out of the Emporium with her backpack.

Sybil was now on the sidewalk, she wanted to know more but as she turned around the Emporium wasn’t there anymore, it was just like it disappeared. She felt a slight wind blow through her, she took a step to the road and continued walking home.

“I guess i’ll just come back another day.” Sybil said whispering to herself. She was now on her street, but she didn’t know something was following her, and in a tick of an eye she was running back into her house.

The Sacrificed Emporium Chapter 4 by Jess

Ignoring the noise of the zombie  thing, Polly frantically searched for the door. In its place stood a small pool. There  were many reeds next to and it looked like there was a door at the bottom of the pool and on either side of this crimson door 2 palm trees were placed.

Immediately, Polly realised what to do. She could complete the task in only 1 dive. She ran back, faced the pool and sprinted towards it. As soon as her toes touched the edge, she dived. Leaping into the water, Polly went as deep as possible and touched the door…


Tugging at the handle, she tried and tried. Polly needed to breathe but she knew she couldn’t. Her eyes started to close. She had to keep going. Polly forced them open and it opened at last.She tumbled through. Water drained into the Emporium, yet the corridor was as dry as a bone, and so was she.

Silently, she walked back, wandering through passageways and went back towards the shop front. Mr Mine stared at her ”you’re back. Find what you wanted?” Polly shook her head sadly.

”what happens is, even if you write it in my book, you can’t undo the past.” He put his goblet down on the nearby table and smiled at her.

”come again anytime,you’re always welcome! Oh and The Sacrificed Emporium is named that because when people enter, they sacrifice their imagination. Everyone except you.”

Polly stepped out of the vintage shop, walked halfway down the street and then realised that she didn’t buy her Grandmother a birthday present so she turned around but it was gone. The Sacrificed Emporium was gone.

As she walked home to Seaside Road,m she didn’t that a diamond encrusted pen had sprouted legs and was following her. When she arrived, Polly opened the red gate and saw the pen. She put it in her pocket and entered her home.

The Vintage Emporium Chapter 4 By Tessa

Ignoring the repetitious voice, Keisha stood where the door should’ve been standing. There was nothing, just a little gap with a ladder going all the way down. Soil covered the side and the ladder steps. Curiously, she peered down the gap and at the bottom she could see a rectangular shape that looked like a door, she had realized that it was deserted.

Without thinking, Keisha climbed the ladder all the way down. She expected her footsteps to echo but luckily the didn’t. Keisha had a mini panic attack thinking that the strange creature would follow her down the gloomy place but Keisha was very far down.

Suddenly, Keisha reached the end of the ladder and saw the door. A sigh of relief flew out of her body.  Her heart was beating and her head was hurting. Immediately, she shot through door and got into the emporium and sat down. She tried to clear everything that had happened in her head.

Secretly, she walked back to the shops entrance trying not to be noticed. Unfortunately, Stewart noticed Keisha and stared at her. “I see you have come back to the shop.” Did you see what you wanted?” Keisha shrugged her shoulders with no reply.

“So you see, the past cannot be undone and you will not always get what you expect.””There is always another time.” explained Stewart.

“Come back another day Keisha.” He said whilst holding the door.

Keisha stepped out of the shop, wanting to know more about the mysterious emporium. She heard a small bang and turned around. Silence. There was nothing, no emporium, no anything. A gust of wind flew past her making her shiver  as if something mysterious happened like in horror movies.

She headed back home, sighing. Maybe its gone, for good she said to herself. What Keisha didn’t know was that a black cat with red glowing eyes shining as fluorescent as a flower was following her back home…

The book of mischief chapter 4 by Johnny

The shiver of icy air flew past her. The door had disappeared into thin air and Maddie didn’t know why. The audible footsteps chimed into her ears. There was no door, but she eyed the magical pool at the bottom of the hill. She could just make out a shiny birch door at the depths of the water.

Instantaneously,  she dived inside. Fish swirled around Maddie confusingly. She expected it to be cold but it was very warm. The natural green colour of the pool looked like it had been dyed. Maddie took a deep breath, and swam further.

Down and down towards the outline of the door. Her mood intensified. Maddie’s fingers touched the door quickly. She felt deadly. Maddie grabbed the door handle and dashed into the deserted corridor. She painted swiftly. Astonishingly, her clothes were dry and she didn’t feel any moisture on her body. What had just occurred?

Blameworthy, she walked through the curtains back into the shop. The shopkeeper gazed at Maddie.’ So, have you found what you wanted?’ he questioned wisely. Maddie shook her head.


‘The thing is,’ he explained,’ you can experience many of my wonders but the past can’t be undone. But there is always another day, ‘ he said calmly. He stopped cleaning the jewel encrusted chest in front of him.

“Maybe next time,” he said quietly, holding the door open.

Maddie stepped outside onto the rainy empty road. She turned around intriguingly but all there was was a stony miserable alleyway.

She strider home and thought, maybe tomorrow. Maddie did not notice that the liquorice black crow was all she was being followed by. It perched on a tall oak tree and sighed. It always had free time.

So you want to write a poem

So you want to write a poem.You do? Is that true?

Breezy is easy.It rhymes with queasy, creasy and greasy.

Day rhymes with gray, assay, array and play.

Life rhymes with knife,wife,strife and rife.

Home rhymes with comb,dome,foam,chrome,gnome,monochrome,poem and roam

This poem is over,this poem is penned,so this is the end.

The Antique Emporium Chapter 3

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The Nowhere Emporium chapter 3 by Roisin

Chapter 3 by Roisin

Tessa wandered to the kitchen, The kitchen had everything she needed:there were webby, dusty and rusty pans;silver spoons were sitting there peacefully;and sharp knifes lay there in the wet sink.

“Hello,” shouted Tessa, seeing if anyone was there. But all she could hear was silence.Tessa stood in a dark hall, No one was to be seen in each room. The chairs looked like they were knitted by a granny, all beautiful and rough. For a second there Tessa thought she had stepped into a nightmare.

What she had wrote in the book was a wish but it was never going to be true. There were no signs of people living here, Tessa had never met here parents before. Tessa was certain they weren’t her, nothing felt right then she heard it.

Something downstairs, it was a sinister noise. It was loud and sounded like something was being dragged. Tessa heard the sound again and stood still, keeping silent. She tipped toed down the stairs and turned to the kitchen. Nothing was seen but the light glitching.

A second, later the hiss came back. Turning around Tessa dashed to the living room. She looked and looked again, a scaly black shadow creeped upon her, hazel eyes glared down, spikes led all across the floor. There wasn’t any hesitation this time. Tessa ran as fast as her little legs could go.

Nothing was there, except a lush forest. The shadows grew, so she dashed back to where the doors had been. She searched and searched but it was never to be seen again.


The Anywhere Emporium-Chapter 3 By Gabriella

As destroyed as the little house is it had all the essentials you would need to live there: the outside was neat and tidy but the inside was the opposite; books were on the floor and curtains were ripped; and pictures were hung on the wall, forcing Chasmeen to tear up.


“Is anyone here?” called Chasmeen, realizing she might not  be the only one in the house. The only voice she had met was the echo of her own. The curtains stopped blowing in the wind and the floorboards stopped creaking. She stepped towards the dark shadowy hallway until she met a door at once, she was beginning to think she was in a nightmare.


The village and the house wasn’t the only things she had drawn in Miss Gold’s book, she had drawn the thing she took for granted and what she had always wanted back. But there was no happy little family living there, there wasn’t even a little boy, her brother living there. This didn’t feel right this isn’t what Chasmeen drew in Gold’s book. Then that noise filled her ears.


It sounded not like walking but like crawling on 4 legs. It was coming from the other room that she had just been in she opened the door slightly trying to see what it was but the hallway was too dark. She was sweating now the repetitious stomp began to make the house shake. Thinking of the worst, she reacted quick.


What could this beast be? Is it after Chasmeen? She opened the door and tiptoed out into the hallway, the door slammed behind her which made her tiptoe a bit faster. Then she saw it the emerald green eyes and the giant teeth a loud roar hurt her ears she had to make a run for it.


She sprinted through the door out the pastel yellow gate and up the grey path she had came from. Trying to catch her breath she checked behind her and found the beast watching her from a far. She kept running along the path then realised something was off the door from the Anywhere Emporium was gone…

The Vintage Emporium Chapter 3 by Tessa

Keisha walked through the Nature Patch. It was covered in plants that every gardener would dream for. There was this one plant that looked very strange. The Nature Patch was a brilliant sight; Broken branches surrounding the old oak tree; Succulent plants taking over a portion of the lush, fresh grass; Marigold flowers shining in the sun, casting and orange glow and bushes drifting in the soft breeze.

“Hello?” said Keisha curiously as she thought if anyone else was there. All she could hear was blue birds tweeting in the distance. She decided to stroll further through the Nature Patch. The sky became a little darker and hedges covered the sides whilst walking.

Keisha had made a wish when she had drawn in Stewart’s book. That wish was to see her pet cow after 3 years but there was no sight of her cow.

The tender bushes moved roughly. Something or someone was moving. It hissed like a snake as if it was trying to say something. Keisha kept silent and looked around. There was nothing, just the flowers and trees.

A few minutes later, Keisha heard the sound again and again like a drumbeat ringing in her ears. She walked her way back to the bush and there she saw it: Brown hazel eyes so bright that you could see it 5 feet away; Teeth as sharp as a knife bulging towards her and claws that could scratch to make a wound. Keisha knew she was in danger so she headed back to the door.

When she made her way up, there was no door. Just round trees and different colour waterfalls spreading endlessly through this eerie world she had discovered. “Come” declared a voice suspiciously.Continue reading“The Vintage Emporium Chapter 3 by Tessa”

The Antique Emporium – Chapter 3 by Izabella

Chapter 3

She was now in the lush forest, there were flowers filling the ground. Birds were chirpping and wind flew in the sky forming a flower shaped cloud. The forest included natural elements: water glistening in the sun making a calm sound; large trees sitting on the ground calmly; and green grass swaying from side to side.

“Hello? is anyone there?” whispered Sybil, slowly walking around wondering if anyone was hiding in the forest. Bushes started rustling and a noise came from behind the sage, prickly bush, Sybil ran towards it to check what had been happening, sweat rolled down her face and her legs trembled.

Sybil thought she had seen her uncle but it was just a dream. She remembered that she had drawn her uncle in the book and she had longed to meet him since he went missing seven years ago, the last time she saw him was in that forest, when they went camping.

A second later, the same noise appeared again but whispers also came through her. Sybil looked around trying to find something to protect herself, a vast wind blew through her and she froze. Sybil felt her uncle tap her shoulder so immediately turned around to check but nothing was there, only a lonely tree. Then came another sound. Bulging, sapphire eyes came out from behind a gate then ran back in, like it was a sign for Sybil but.. what did it mean?

Sybil ran to the gate because she heard the same sound again, her head was spinning but she still kept going. Then she saw it, a dark gloomy creature crept over her, and that’s when she knew that she messed up, she took three steps back then ran. There was a giant log that she hadn’t seen, so then she just kept running and then, POOF! She tripped over and realised the creature was behind her, so she got back up and tried to dash back to the door.

Synil realised she was trapped, nothing was left there except the cabin, the forest, Sybil and the shadow. She slipped down to the floor and looked up.