The book of mischief chapter 4 by Johnny

The shiver of icy air flew past her. The door had disappeared into thin air and Maddie didn’t know why. The audible footsteps chimed into her ears. There was no door, but she eyed the magical pool at the bottom of the hill. She could just make out a shiny birch door at the depths of the water.

Instantaneously,  she dived inside. Fish swirled around Maddie confusingly. She expected it to be cold but it was very warm. The natural green colour of the pool looked like it had been dyed. Maddie took a deep breath, and swam further.

Down and down towards the outline of the door. Her mood intensified. Maddie’s fingers touched the door quickly. She felt deadly. Maddie grabbed the door handle and dashed into the deserted corridor. She painted swiftly. Astonishingly, her clothes were dry and she didn’t feel any moisture on her body. What had just occurred?

Blameworthy, she walked through the curtains back into the shop. The shopkeeper gazed at Maddie.’ So, have you found what you wanted?’ he questioned wisely. Maddie shook her head.


‘The thing is,’ he explained,’ you can experience many of my wonders but the past can’t be undone. But there is always another day, ‘ he said calmly. He stopped cleaning the jewel encrusted chest in front of him.

“Maybe next time,” he said quietly, holding the door open.

Maddie stepped outside onto the rainy empty road. She turned around intriguingly but all there was was a stony miserable alleyway.

She strider home and thought, maybe tomorrow. Maddie did not notice that the liquorice black crow was all she was being followed by. It perched on a tall oak tree and sighed. It always had free time.

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