My wildest dreams

I have never ridden a lethal dragon as it soars across the jewelled black velvet sky, but I have sat joyfully in a plane as I wait for it to land in Canada.

I have never gazed at a proud lion as it stalks its prey and then pounces upon it, but I have watched a black and white domestic cat carrying helpless mouse between its teeth.

I have never set foot in Buckingham Palace, home of the queen, but I have entered Alnwick Castle, a brilliant, historic building.

I have never travelled back in time to meet inspirational historical figures, but I have read about the heroic things they’ve done.

I have never felt scorching hot fire burning my skin as it consumes more wood, but I have witnessed a beautiful firework display.

I have never fought off a wild hydra with a solid silver sword, but I have read books about it.

I have never finished this poem before, but I have finished it now.

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