Never and what i have by Crystal

I have never  drank champagne with                                                                                                                                          the  famous  dancer and singer                                                                                                  Beyonce in  San Francisco 

but I have drunk soft  drinks with  peppa pig.


I  have never snorkeled  with 

  a mermaid in the

 lost city of Atlantis   but  I have  dividen 

LA at the silverwood lake


I have never battled with Podkin One Ear in Wanaka 

but i have fought my brother for no reason

  in  at night when my mum  was s

leeping in the secret room.


I have  never   seen loves wisdom glimmering through 

the sunlight  but i have  seen the love

 in my family.


I have never gazed at the jealousy                                           

of locked up gems  in the tower of london but i have seen the red rubes


 have never  flyed through  Buckingham

 Place but I have walked on the shimmed red carpet to Buckingham Place.


I have never consumed caviar  in a royal place 

but I have eaten delicious  fish 

at Camden Market. 


 I have never  worn rich and spicy   queen’s crown

 but  I have worn white 

snowy crown. 




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