Stars Glistening… by Aisha Gospel Oak 4J

I have never set foot in the wild, noisy, colourful Amazon forest watching toucans

But I have slouched around in an ordinary, simple creamy corridor staring at a wall


I have never ridden a UFO to Jupiter while sleeping

But I have travelled on my dads car back to our towering flat whilst snoozing


I have never toured the blazing hot Savannah 

But I have been outside exploring in the scorching, boiling, hot sun in the Summer


I have never seen the whole of the starry, gleaming galaxy 

But I have gazed at stars glistening in the eternal midnight sky whilst stargazing    


I have never ate a cake made out of shimmering, milky white crystals

But I have consumed a cake made out of cocoa coloured chocolate 


I have never mounted the great silver, mucky, vast elephants of India 

But I have rode an elegant, rose pink carriage in Birmingham

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