The coloured doors

The coloured doors

Go and open the pink door,

Maybe there is…

Pink Cotten candy floating among the sky,

Pink hearted patterns on the  teddy bears that wore sat in the toy box,

Pink sheep’s walking about the fresh grass wile they are smiling at everyone!

Go and open the golden door,

Maybe there is…

Stacks of gold towering getting bigger every second,

Golden halos flying on top of the angels head,

Beautiful stars glistening above the dark sky!

Go and open the blue door,

Maybe there is…

The UK flag waving around in mercy,

Magical blue books waiting patiently to be read,

Blue frogs jumping around without a care in the world.

Go and open the white door,

Maybe there is…

Fluffy clouds levitating in beat with the wind,

Pure white blankets waiting to be snuggled,

Baby lambs galloping around the vast fields.

Go and open the red door,

Maybe there is…

Chocolate dipped strawberries sat neatly in the bowl,

Hearts beating with love and appreciation,

Red roses ready to be bought for Valentines Day!!!

Go and open the purple door,

Maybe there is…

Purls rolling around in frequent order,

Talking grapes chatting away,

Dragon eggs hatching in a few seconds.

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