The Poem Of Truth. Amberley

I have never drank royal tea with the queen

But I have sipped my Starbucks while walking home.


I have never shook hands with Emma Waston 

But I have greeted my school teacher when I was getting a certificate.


I have never acted in a movie with Bonnie Wright 

But I have sung in a school performance for parents.


I have never Ridden a hippogriff with Daniel Radcliff 

But I have sat on a horse at a farm while visiting my friend.  


I have never driven a flying car with Rupert Grint 

But I have ridden a bumper car in Winter Wonderland.


I have never climbed to a top of a smooth tree 

But I have jumped across a log trail at Kew Gardens.


I have never ran as fast as a motorbike 

But I have sprinted to my dad when I got left behind.


I have never played on a playground in Italy

But I have strolled with my family in the park.


I have never stroked a phoenix 

But I have played with a newborn duckling.


I have never ate a Affrican Ice lolly 

But I have liked a fab on the patio. 


I have never acted in a Harry Potter movie 

But  I have performed in my acting lesson,


I have never slept with a panda 

But I have seen a panda locked up like a prisoner,


I have never fed a lion 

But I have gave carrots to goats,


I have never met my parents cat 

But I have seen cats on my street.


I have never stroked a fox 

But I have seen a fox climbing on a garage roof.


I have never sat on the queen’s throne 

But I have walked through the halls of Buckingham palace.


I have never eaten spaghetti bolognese from France 

But I have slurped spaghetti from school.


I have never eaten a baguette from Paris 

But I have chomped a baguette from Morrisons.


I have never eaten salmon from Scotland 

But I have wolfed down salmon my mum makes.


I have never eaten rice from Japan 

But I have stuffed my face with rice from China that my mum and grandad made.


I have never seen a mermaid 

But I have learned how to swim like one.


I have never eaten collyflouror cauliflower sushi 

But I have eaten sushi my mum made.

I have never eaten spinach

But I have crunched on cucumber.

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