Through the door by Jasmeet

 Through the cotton door,

Maybe you’ll see tulips blooming as fast as a cheetah,

or a strawberry candy floss shining as bright as the sun,

or a magenta pig running around the majestic pink floor.


Through the violet door,

Maybe you’ll see an eggplant peeling itself with a peeler,

or a grape snoring as loud as a lion,

or a lilac car driving as slow as a slithery snail.


 Through the silver door,

Maybe you’ll see metal banging as loud as a siren,

or a metal box with a magnet sticking on it which never comes of,

or a metal jumping up and down and breaking into a thousand pieces.


Through the bloody red door,

Maybe you’ll see a chain sword approaching you

or a rotten apple just staring at you like a monster,

or a dead women that was still alive.

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