Wheere I come From By Mikayeel

I’ve never befriended Captain Levi in Japan,

But I’ve friended kind children in my own class.


I’ve never rushed on a gleaming helicopter as fast as Usane Bolt, 

But I’ve ridden on a helicopter roller coaster.


I’ve never zoomed against Robin, 

But I’ve raced my friend Kristiano at school.


I’ve never swallowed coffee or tea in the whitey clouds of Hamsted heath, 

But I’ve drank hot chocolate within my sitting room.


I’ve never dashed on a bike on the road,

But I’ve sped on my scooter on the pavement at Hampstead heath.


I’ve never helped out people with Batman,

But I’ve aided children at school.


I’ve never hang out in the queen’s palace,

But I’ve lived in my bedroom.


I’ve never seen Willy Wonka make delicious chocolate brownies,

But I’ve watched my mum make chocolatey, black, delicious brownies.

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