A Flying, Magical Horse

A Flying, Magical Horse

A unicorn is a type of horse with magic, horns and wings.

They have a long blue and pink pattern tail, the wings with feathers also like an eagle and very light pink however the baby unicorns have wings as small as a mouse but turquoise, they are light purple and many people believe that they had a rainbow horn but unicornolegists believe that they have no horns at all! Amazingly, when unicorns have happy tears, the tears are gold coins furthermore they have emerald and diamonds on their hair.

Mostly, they live in a cave in a mountain so they can sleep and eat outside some grass or get fresh air. However, weirdly, they live on the top of mountains which very uncomfortable. A very few live in forests filled with nature and trees so they can hide from exposure. They like going close to the sun because they change colour each time they go to the sun.

Because they are related to horses so they eat grass mostly but on the other hand some don’t. The ocean unicorn eats seaweed, the forest unicorn eats berries and grass so an Antarctica unicorn eats snow. So wherever they live, whatever there is there to eat, they will eat.

Surprisingly, when they run, gold glitter comes out. If your food is stolen or disappeared, you know who stole it!

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