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Diamond Unicorn



Want to learn about a real life unicorn? Well carry on reading, today we are learning about the Diamond Unicorn. How deadly it is, how hungry it is and how it acts. Trust me it’s definitely friendly for humans.


The Diamond Unicorn lives in the realms of glowing gems stuck in the walls and lay on the floor, all different colours and sizes. Their nests glow from the Ruby Tree that regrows its branches in 24 hours, the scientists say it helps the baby eggs grow and hatch. The houses are 20-30ft long and 10-20ft wide. A toxic slime is coated on the walls and floor of the entrance of the house.


The mythical creature has red transparent hooves and horn to make them attractive to more of its species, its skin is also red but a lighter silky red. Its tail is a wavy and can make them run fast through the wind if it’s stormy. The Unicorn has eyes that can make things move or curse other species they don’t agree with.


They snack on no good gems and eat plants, and they are herbivores. They drink from the magical lake which is cotton candy flavour. The cotton candy leaves is also what they eat giving them some sugar than just eating protein things making them too skinny.

They eat about:

.3 bunches of cotton candy leaves 1 for a baby

.6 slurps from the cotton river 3 for baby

.4 gems 2 for baby

.2 piles of leave half a pile for a baby

All of this is for one day!


They behave very smartly but get nervous when they see different unicorns. Their eyes change colour red normal, pink cute, yellow happy, green disgusted, blue sad, grey tired, purple awake and black disappointed, sick and nervous. They can fight for others and themselves.


The creatures can fly despite not having wings. Other unicorns curse using their horns but the diamond unicorn curses using its eyes. Their gestation period is 11 months, if their babies are born in eggs that means they are very special and will be leaders of the pack.


Have you learnt anything about the diamond unicorn!?

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