mystery unicorn

Mystery unicorn

The wonderful, mysterious, magical horse has not been seen since 2011. Unicornoligists believe that it is just as clever as us humans, that is why they have run away because of the things we are doing. Do you want to read on to find out what this wonderful creature does, where it lives  (the habitat) and its diet.


The mystery unicorn is a very good at camouflaging and is very hard to see, hence his name. It also has intricate patterns on its coat. Strangely the Pegasus has mud brown eyes- so when it blends brown it is invisible  in addition to this it is often referred to as a log. This is why the last time anyone saw it was in 2011 when Dan Brick man and Jeff Anderson explored.


Because the exquisite creature has so many habitats it enables it to eat lots of animals. The mystery unicorn is a carnivore-so it eats lots; pigs and chicken from the farm, camels from deserts and lizards.


These magical horses have many habitats thanks to their strong legs they tend to move in the winter to the deserts because they like the heat but they don’t mind the cold. Although it is rare to see one it is believed that there are lots of them on this planet and are spread across different countries and biomes.


This creatures myths are endless some say that it started when a horses and a sea unicorn had a child others say it was just a miracle but really it just a mystery.

I hope you now have learnt about the mystery unicorn? And know about its habitat, its diet and its appearance? And have learnt about it in general.


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