The moon unicorn

 The moon unicorn

The moon unicorn lives under ground and only comes out when it’s a full moon and there are a lot of moles for food. So the dragons dig out like a whole mansion in a few minutes and manage to find 9 moles and that could last them along time to eat because they are very chewy raw, but of course the wonderful creature can’t cook it.



Its behaviour is very cocky because they have been in that whole for months until a whole moon to come. The reason the creature can’t go out of its hole is because they are blind. The moon gives them vision of the real wold and if they go out without a full moon they risk of being hunted without knowing.





Like you know they live in holes but just they don’t lie there until a full moon is out they make up all sorts of games. they even play hide and seek making some of the best hiding spaces and snack on 3 moles each that they save and they sometimes live under farmers crops so they have plenty of food.





ITs strengths are digging away from enemies and getting ready to pounce at the vicious enemies.

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