Aqua Pegasus

The Aqua Pegasus

Aqua Pegasi have been known in myths and legends for hundreds of years until recently fisherman spotted one, covered in fishing nets and plastic. People have been searching for this species for years until now.

The Pegasus has a long, pearlescent horn in the shape of sea shell and has a teal sparkle to all of its features. The majority of Aqua Pegasi have white rusty hooves, which are enchanted with lapis to help them glide along the currents. Unfortunately, there wide spread wings prevent them from swimming and they often get caught in fishing nets and tangled in ropes. Apart from their long wings, their powerful legs can easily kick away or attack a human at any point and are a great source of self defence. These horned horses have bright, blue crystalized eyes mimicking the oceans eye pearl, but many have dark obsidian coloured eyes, like costal caves resembling the old tales of the dark horse. Its mane is made up of teal seaweed strands and beige seashell chains attached to a coyly, aqua piece of hair.

Many people believe that the Pegasus lives in ship wrecks but actually they live in the mysterious, walls of Atlantis galloping majestically through the gentle currents. Its main habitat is inside the gardens of Atlantis, with royal blue coral and shining statues covering the seaweed filled path. Every step you take you see a once clean cobble stone brick infested with plankton and sea urchins. Tridents are displayed on every wall representing each myth told in the halls, standing slanted from the sometimes powerful currents.

Aqua Pegasus’ diets consist of sea cucumber, coral and hermit crabs. They get lots of fibre and nutrition from the corals soft insides and many of the vitamins. Weirdly, living in Atlantis has a lot of pros and cons but there is a vast struggle for food since fishermen have been killing all fish and living creatures even scooping up shallow coral reefs with their boat engines.

These aquatic animals need to be looked after, so if you see one in the wild be careful and look after what we have left. Aqua Pegasus’ have to be preserved for later generations so they can enjoy witnessing one of these beautiful creatures.


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