Cave Unicorn

The cave unicorn.


The cave unicorn is a rare type of speeches.  This is because of the fact that there underground most there life, even though there like hungry grizzly bears– they are hungry all the time. This type is extremely aggressive to humans but to its friendly to its kind. Strangely, these animals will be deadly at some points but then it will be really lovely and cute at another.


This species are huge, 13 feet to be exact. Their solid, black teeth bite into it’s prey with no consequence at all. Its razorblade claws will split its victim in half if needed to. You can tell when mad or happy because when they are angry their pelt will glow up red and when they’re happy they will glow up light blue. It spikey tail will stab any victim with only one swing.


Although, this creature is extremely fears, they live on rats, little bugs and sleeping bats. Every year or just when they feels like it thy go up to surface and fight. It can easily kill another predator but they just don’t enjoy going to the surface.


Unusually, this animal goes 1 whole year without seeing one bit of light. People believe this animal lives in caves but know they live in big, deep burrows underground. These animals go throughout the world in big burrows.


These animals hate being seen because people hunt them for food. Many people believe that they attack for no reason but in reality they only attack if they feel threatened.

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