Forest Unicorn

The Forest Unicorn


The forest unicorn that is the master of nature has dark green eyes and likes to blend in with the grass when it is asleep. Interestingly when they are in a deep sleep or feel more than threatened they will camouflage themselves into their background. Have you ever heard one snoring quietly or seen one camouflage?


Where do these cool animals Appear?


Not many people know where forest unicorns live but in fact most live in the Amazon jungle. Amazingly the forest unicorn is sometimes seen in forests or jungles but that is more than rare, however you an also find them in one park not any ordinary park the unicorn park you can find any sort of unicorn there but sadly male forest unicorns like to travel and get food so you will mostly find mum’s and babys there. Most unicorn hunters look for this unicorn park but have sadly failed and not even got a glance of it but many people have never given up….


Are Forest unicorns dangerous?


Many people believe that they are dangerous because they can shoot stinging nettles out of their mouth they can also plant anywhere they want. When they are afraid they shout stuff out of their stomach. When they feel threatened they lift up their front paws and turn round to show that person or thing their spiky, bright green tail and the unicorns swish it around to make that person or thing away!


Siblings and friends


Before the forest unicorn is developed into a man or lady they have older or younger siblings. If they have a younger sibling that is normal although if they have an older sibling that is amazingly rare. Their friends are actually Fire unicorns. The only reason that they are friends is because their ancestors used to hang out with the fire unicorns so that relationship has gone on and on and on. 


There diet


These shocking creatures love to eat rocket leaves and kale sometimes they pick up chunks with there mouth and very weirdly they eat hot dogs because of their eyesight they think it is this amazing thing that is really rare so instead of eating it they keep it until there siblings and mum and dad get home so can all enjoy this amazing thing.


Forest Unicorns are amazing but dangerous so if you are going hunting for one of these magnificent creatures I am warning you don’t there might be cute baby ones you want to get a photo or capture of. Leave it alone they are very dangerous no matter how old or small. 



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