Kaspas unicorn

 kaspas unicorn

Have you ever seen  a Kaspas unicorn? if you have not then listen up. In their spare time they make waffles!


Despite the kaspas unicorn having a thin pink and black mane it also has a rainbow glittery dark fur and additionally it has blonde coloured hooves like yummy cookie dough. In addition, it has little round chocolate drop eyes.


Amazingly, the kaspas unicorn lives in a big pile of junk food that looks like a palace. It is based at the top of the cotton candy clouds near the kaspas shop that is normally jammed packed. However, much noise the city makes, the unicorn still manages to sleep because she puts meringues in her ears, but tries to eat them.


Unfortunately, the unicorn does not have a good diet. Despite all the junk food she eats, she likes her diet. She eats hot cookie dough, kinder benough waffles, m and m waffles and much more junk food.


It is always eating junk food. Perhaps it does eat too much food but it has a kind heart and always is loving. The unicorn is also cheeky,  because when the leftovers of the kaspas food gets put in the bin, she sneaks in and eats up the leftovers.


Amazingly the unicorn can fly to its habitat into the cotton candy clouds. Furthermore, as her special ability, she can also turn into a waiter at kaspas so she can make junk food.


If you  do see a kaspas unicorn, remember not to make it angry or it will ban you from kaspas. If you are nice to a kaspas unicorn you will get a free meal.


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