Learn about the Rainbow unicorn

The rainbow unicorns (which have a rainbow coloured mane) live in the fluffy clouds in the sky. The majority of rainbow unicorns eat oranges that change colour when they lick them. The rainbow unicorns were created by accident, when a scientist spilt all the living legends potion he had created all over the lab floor and created the most beautiful, majestic creature. It is extremely rare to spot this type of unicorn for their homes are high in the air, on the fluffiest clouds. Surprisingly, rainbow unicorns are largely protective over their prized possession, the pot of gold you find at the end of the rainbow. A famous explorer had adventured to the end of a rainbow that had appeared that day and took three pieces of the chief rainbow unicorn’s gold and brought it home with him. The chief rainbow unicorn lives at the end of the rainbow and had given birth many times. However, famous scientists believe that a baby rainbow unicorn had been born at the edge of the United Kingdom just two months ago! Unusually, rainbow unicorns horns change colour every time their mood changes. Although they are the most loyal type of unicorn, they can be vicious when they get frustrated. Most rainbow unicorns are female and don’t need a male unicorn to help give birth. Mother rainbow unicorns are blessed to have a baby boy. Bizzarly, Male unicorns feed on rotten bananas!

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  1. Dear Freya I really like the idea of the rainbow unicorn that when ever it lick’s/eats oranges they change colour what colour is the mane? you could improve on some more fruits it eats change colour.

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