TheMystical Sea

As Lia put her wolf flip flops the in water, she felt something tickling her toe so she stepped out and saw a crimson, red scale on her foot.She was a curious girl so she stepped back in.This time nothing happened so she went in deeper.A few seconds later,she got splashed by the water and tasted something rough .She put her hand to her lip ,pulled it out.and in her hand was a golden bit of fur.She wondered where it came from so she took a deep breath, held her nose and dived in.It was bright and almost see through.Nobody was there other than her.She swam deeper.A few minutes later, she found a cave and decided to go in it.It was cold, dark and the water was shallow.As soon as she stepped in, crystals started to light the cave up with wonderful colours:cyan,pink,yellow,mint green,white,purple,red and magenta.It was like a disco.She imagined unicorns and dragons but instead there was a book.A small, midnight blue, leather book.

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