moon unicorn

Discover the Demon Unicorn


The demon unicorn, which is a rare species of flying horse, is found near hell, almost everyday unicornologists Go near hell and look at the unicorn to find out more about these fearsome killer. During recent lockdown periods, this black demon have became a winged unicorn and have travelled the world and all so killed some of it. To the delight of many people the demon unicorn has been seen in lava taking advantage of everything and everyone.   However, there is more to be known about this horse devil.



The demon unicorn, aka satan’s horse like to kill and eat unicorns he is especially fond of the angel unicorn.  He likes to drink blood, lava and the wishful water. He all so like humans really the juicy ones unusually their is only one in this world. This thing will kill anything for is meat and bones. Weirdly this unicorn eats watermelons. 


Many people think that the demon unicorn can destroy the universe but this has yet to be proved. If you believe that one is near in your local area, is best to keep this unknow. They enjoy killing humans. Remember though, this is a living hell so do not to go to them as they cut your head off! Let’s keep this guy away for future generations. 

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