Many people believe that unicorns aren’t real, but don’t believe them. This Unicorn that I’m going to tell you about is the rarest Unicorn, this unicorn is called a Mushroomicorn; read on to find out more about them.

What do these magical creatures look like?

This creature is very mysterious, they can transform at any time but if they hear any predators approach or if they are scared. Surprisingly, they will turn into a mushroom to hide, they become a mushroom when they are going to sleep, these animals are also the size of a baby kitten so if they can’t transform in time they can hide in bushes, trees or anything like that so it’s less of a chance of anyone seeing them.

Where do these magical animals roam?

Any normal person will think they live by any random mushrooms, but no, these mysterious creatures only live by red and white mushrooms, this is because there are some fairies that live in them, and they are all friends.

What do these species survive on?

Weirdly, these  Unicorns eat lots of tasty treats, cookies are their favorite but they love other things, but under no circumstances will these adorable creatures eat mushrooms because all their friends live in them.


Even though these creatures seem cute and cuddly, if you ever hurt any of their friends or family they can be very deadly, careful,not everything cute is friendly.  



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