Petronas Unicorn

Petronas Unicorn 

The Petronas Unicorn is a one of a kind , as it is possibly first, second or third rarest Unicorn in the world . It has long legs which help it run over water at ninety nine million mph, which is one of the factors that explains it it only seen once.  Two odd features of this magical beast is that it does not have wings nor a horn to its appearance ,well it doesn’t have wings but It does have a horn but no one or nothing has seen it apart from its kind. It’s kind can see it with special lenses in its eyes where it can see things that are invisible (their horn, which appear in vivid colours ) so that is why we can’t see it.

It’s habitat ranges from the humidity of the rain forest where it stays for the Summer and the Spring but, it loves the heat so in the Winter and Autumn this mysterious yet playful beast ,migrates to the heat of the African savannah  and camouflages from a Unicorn to a Zebra.

The Petronas Unicorns diet ranges from the fish of the water, Pike, Trout, Minnow, Tuna, Sturgeon and Catfish which is thirty two% of their diet but sixty eight % of their diet is Ferns, Chestnuts,  

Pond reeds, Pine Cones, Pine Nuts , Conifer  Needles, and Conkers.

It’s seven special features are it can camouflage and change its skin because it has a special type of melanin which can turn it invisible, camouflage it and fool you for another creature.

It has special slits in its hooves that extracts gravity so it can fly at top speeds .It horn is translucent and can make people invisible. It can turn into a Turquoise dust and it forms the shape of a unicorn . Has Super Natural  muscles which propel it at top speeds of ninety nine million mph.

It also doesn’t need to sleep , it is  nocturnal and diurnal.

Would you be able to identify it ? Possibly ,possibly not as it could trick you  for another animal. Dr Ewan  Bridge was strolling  in the African savannah when four bright blue lights glimmered and he saw four of the beasts in 20th of May 1721.

They were  mainly killed of by hunters that wanted to be invisible.If you see one be wary of the tail as it can petrify you in milliseconds ! Good luck , don’t forget to draw it or take a photo.

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