The beautiful cheese unicorn

The Beautiful Cheese Unicorn




My doctor team may have found a ‘’new’’ mysterious creature.

This creature is called the Beautiful Cheese Unicorn,

Amazingly, these stringy corns have been around for 6,000,000 years.

Recently, us doctors discovered that they are allergic to mice!, completely bonkers right?

Keep reading if you want to find out More about this treasured creature.




Beautiful Cheese Unicorns are actually really friendly!

Surprisingly, these enchanted uni’s are super lovely as well, but be careful though because they stink like sweaty cheese!

They’re not that short really, they’re only about 6 meters smaller than a toddler.




These mythical creatures live in the under base of your tables and staircases.

The most glorious fluff piles can also live in an enchanted fairy land or forest.

Looking for one?, well it looks like your going to go search the whole rainforest or a HUGE mansion. 

Why a mansion you ask?, it’s because they like to run around large areas.




Generally, these crazy corns have a natural diet of tree diamonds, disappearing leaves, crunchy cubes of ice, creative apples and colour changing grass depending on their mood.




These variable creatures can cry out diamonds and cheese, they shed every day for a year. 

They hate high pitched noises, stomping and **********

We’ll see what happens next…

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