The blood unicorn

  The Blood Unicorn



Have you ever wondered where all the dead bodies go?

Well all around england, when people have been on tours in dungeons, people have spotted horse like creatures with horns roaming the dark damp surroundings.



Blood unicorns are the size of dwarf hamsters . They are 

extremely rare since they only like in dungeons . Thee mythical creatures can change colour to blend into the surroundings. They are born a shocking shade of blue and white with a green tail and mane is is so surprising since they end up a dark red colour this changes depending on how they feel 


Happy          Sad           Angry

Blue           Orange          Red 



Have you ever wondered where blood unicorns live?

These species are renouned for living in dungeons,but will settle into  nice abandoned house. It is the darkness and dead boddies that attract them there.



The blood unicorn feeds on meat and dead bodies . they usually drink blood but will drink the occasonal water from a nerby lake or pond.



This discovery is the missing link between mythical creatures and horses. For their safety don’t tell my hunters if you see a unicorn.

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