The gold unicorn

The gold unicorn




There aren’t  many gold unicorns, there are just over 100 left.

It is very rare for one to find another one.




Gold ore fluffy fur shining bright.

Face mixed with solid smooth  stone and gold.

Its horn is solid smooth shiny gold and stone.Legs pure shiny smooth gold.




Usually lives in a gold cave.

Sometimes  they go wherever they smell gold or see gold.

If they are scared of the place they are in they will shoot gold out of their mouth.




On a average day it would eat 2 times what a human would eat.

It mainly eats stone.

Only when they are sick do they eat gold.                                                                                  Only on occasions as well when they feel upset sometimes they eat gold as well.




Warning don’t go hunting  for this creature they could be dangerous or nice and don’t go looking for them because they are almost extinct.

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