The mountain unicorn

The Mountain Unicorn



The world is full of magnificent mountain unicorns. The mountain unicorns are found in every continent and they love hiding behind rocks and caves. Read on to find out more.



It is coloured with dark brown and white stripes. It has never been seen during the day because it wanders around at night. Many people believe that it is as small as a sea snail. Also, he loves going for walks on the mountains because he has a very sharp horn.



It likes to be at the very top of the mountain because it’s very cold. Sometimes it is so cold he gets a very bad brain freeze and feels sick. Usually he likes to have a pond next to him to drink water and if it’s frozen he likes to ice-skate.



They are vegetarian and love eating the grass in the wild where no one can hunt them down. Sadly the mountain unicorn cannot eat fish or the unicorn could die.



The unicorn might be small and look friendly but it is very vicious. Never try to pick it up because it has spots all around and the spots will sting you.


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