The Jungle Unicorn


Across the Earth, there are hundreds maybe even thousands of different types of unicorns.Interestingly, the rarest type is the jungle unicorn only spotted once in human existence . They travel far and wide across the Earth.If it isn’t you that spotted one or even if it is read on to find out more about this enchanted beast.


What do they look like ?

Jungle unicorns are a similar size to a Mustang  Many of these creatures have emerald green eyes that glow in the light.Amazingly,their quite long razor-sharp horns guide them throughout the black, gloomy, cold night.Generally,these amazing beasts are brown with a black mane and tail , mud packed hooves and also they wear a diamond crown.


Where do these creatures roam ?

The majority of these magnificent animals live in jungles they like to sleep and nest next to rivers to that they can swim,drink and cool down.They find big leaves to sleep on so they don’t have to sleep on the dirt.Generally, they tend to split up in groups to find and hunt things.Mostly,they like damp jungles and ones that have lots of trees so it’s sort of harder to spot.They use plants to help if there hurt.


What Do they munch on ?

Usually,jungle unicorns eat bananas , mango’s ,leaves and grass but definitely stay away from flowers this is because the pollen can be quite bad for them yet bananas are very good for them because they are healthy and give lots of energy.



On rare occasions,these delightful beasts hooves glow !This happens when they identify something strange, unusual or interesting.Perhaps, this will make it easier to spot.

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