The Dimond Unicorn

The diamon Unicorn 

First of all the diamond unicorn has white fluffy fur as furry as a blanket .It has a main that it’s covered in diamonds which stands out. If you look at it in the eyes you see diamonds shining into the sky .It has a gold delicate tail  and stands out.

In the habitat it lives in a cave with diamonds filled in the inside the cave . With trees surrounding its habitat. Loads of people think the diamond unicorn is extinct because it’s always in its habitat and never comes out  unless  it is hungry or hears a  noise.

However it’s eat’s all the small bugs like caterpillars and woodlouse and worms but mainly eat gold and diamonds to get there colour and to get their beautiful decorations .

The special features are : it poops  out diamonds, it can turn into silver and bronze diamond unicorn but mainly likes to be  gold and sings to the moonlight .

At night a forty -year-old spotted a diamond unicorn when he went to work at 5 am in the morning called  

After all it only drinks from water fountains near its habitat it takes the diamonds with its horn,  don’t go near it as it will come after you will it will ,  it is very beautiful to see and very rare and it’s kind if you go near it and feed it it’s food at the same time it won’t hurt you if you’ve got food it’s just if you have heard it or annoy you I will come after you when it’s home.

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