The creature.


The creature

The Woodland Unicorn is an uncommon and difficult-to-spot animal (with only a quarter of the population still standing). Unfortunately, these wonderful beasts haven’t been seen for generations; despite that, their numbers still appear to be dwindling. Due to this, thousands of animal-rights activists have been attempting to save the magical mammals. Do you believe that they can be saved? Do you want to learn about this nearly-extinct species?


The Woodland Unicorn is a very bizarre-looking creature (compared to other mammals). The vast majority of these beauties have: speckled muzzles; brittle, chestnut hooves; sharp, pine-like ears, appearing like the antlers of a stag; rustling leaves on their rib cages and brown, syrup-coloured, intricate patterns on their fur.

Contrary to popular belief, the Woodland Unicorn, interestingly, does not have brittle and bark-like skin. Instead, several of these mythical creatures have pale, coco-coloured fur, as soft as leaves on canopies of trees. However, they may bristle their fur and rustle up their mane- when they feel threatened.


Nowadays, the last few standing Woodland Unicorns live in more diverse places- to keep themselves safe. Several live in: canopies of rain-forests; abandoned parks and old farms that have become overrun by nature. However, the most common amongst this creature is staying together, as a group.

The majority of these clumps of unicorns live near rivers and lakes (as there is a water source, with food most-likely nearby).

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