The Ember Pegasus

The Ember Pegasus.


Do you know where Ember Pegasi live? Or where they hunt? As a result of lockdown and global warming Ember Pegasi have been travelling around the globe and exploring new countries.


The Ember pegasi’s wings are forged of fire only found in caves 10,000 feet below the earth. In addition, to its fiery mane and ferocious teeth the Ember Pegasus can fly into the air and leave a trail of fire wherever it goes. Its hooves are as hot as lava and when angry or feeling threatened it burns.


Whereas many pegasi live above ground the Ember Pegasus live deep down in caves (where they build cities out of molten rock). Ember Pegasi, which are extremely territorial to other Pegasi but usually live in colonies. Don’t go adventuring down these caves because they are so hot by the time you get half way it will be more than 500 degrees hotter than above ground.


The Ember Pegasi are omnivores. They eat Loganberries, wild rabbits and are often found in farmers land harvesting the wheat. They catch the rabbits by camping in the trees. Swiftly, pouncing on the rabbit while it’s scavenging for food if it misses it chases it down. When hiding in the tree the Ember Pegasus collects Loganberries in its fur. To find farms the Ember Pegasus will fly to the top of a mountain and then scan the area for farms.


Ember Pegasi are usually quite timid but can sometimes be territorial. Maybe if you’re lucky the Ember Pegasus will let you stroke its fur (which means it trusts you).  If it has its offspring with it won’t let anyone near because it thinks you’re trying to threaten its young.


If you find these magnificent creatures its best to keep them secret because who knows who could be hunting them. If you encounter one it’s best to back away slowly.

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