The Forest Alicorn

The  Forest  Alicorn


By Harlie Bella


                                           Appearance and more

Robin (my alicorn) has eyes which are as green as an emerald , her eyes can hypnotise other animals -especially horses- . Fantastically, also her wings can glow in the dark, only for two hours maximum , and her bright green hooves help her run as fast as a cheetah (or even faster! ) and also to run from the predators in the Forest Of Doom-the humans call it that because of all of the extravagant animals you can find in this forest.




Amazingly, Robin lives in Hiber-full woods -you might have heard of it-! There are animals of ENTIREE creativity here, anyway back to about the habitat. In Hiber-full woods there’s a wonderful pond where most animals gather around for food like salmon,tropical fish and more! There’s also unicornologists who mostly come on the weekends to discover more about these EXTRAVAGANT animals, in the depths of the woods.

Curiously, the unicornologists report that there have also been hearing very strange noises like children crying underground, this has prevented some unicornologists from coming to Hiber-full woods ( people are still investigating the wonders of the crying children )       



It is believed that the forest unicorn breed can shoot vines (from their hooves) to capture their prey when they want to, shocking i know right!  During the day time Robin sleeps because she is nocturnal ( it means you sleep in the day and are awake during the night) . Also they mostly use their powers for self defence.



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