The Enchanted Emporium by Kadyn

The Enchanted Emporium prologue

There are some places people never go The Enchanted emporium was one of those places.

Even though you could smell a chocolate fondue fountain or the jars of marshmallows. Even though you could hear the laughter of children and a water park. Even though you could see blinking lights in the midnight sky.

But no one dared to enter. The door was to thick so no one ever entered. Until Jerry.

Jerry had always been curious about what was inside the Emporium, but his mum said it would lead to trouble. So he decided it was best to stay out. One spring morning, Jerry was checking up on the Emporium to see what is inside. But he saw the door wide open. He stood in front for a minute then took a step in.

Inside was dark, a gold cage full of falcons hanging from the roof cawing at Jerry, snow globes and broken dolls. In the middle of the Emporium was a chocolate fondue fountain pouring out chocolate like a waterfall. Jerry saw rotten food that made a powerful odour

and made him gag. The thing that made him the most interested was a gold tank full of amazing fish. Then he saw something that he will never forget. Bottles of poison was in a glass capsule locked and well secured. Then he saw a old leathery book. It glowed and when he touched it he felt power.

“I see you have found the book of enchantments” said a mysterious voice

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