The winter unicorn

The winter unicorn


The winter unicorn is a remarkable creature/animal. It is the master and owner of winter. The last it was seen was by a young man. However, a majority of people don’t believe him as he was small enough to have daydreams about unicorns. Do you really want to meet one?




Are they dangerous? Surprisingly, many people trust that they are dangerous and it is true! They are shy creatures which makes them disappear as quickly as a peregrine falcon. Furthermore, they like to play with their penguin buddies and be in the middle of attention. These mythical creatures are not aggressive but that should not fool someone into hunting them. Generally, they live in families of four of five. Moreover, they can be as close as an elephant familie could be but they act strange near humans.




They like to stay away from predators as they count them as delicious prey. Some legendary winter unicorns can be found in cities or zoos. In north america winter unicorns can be found with pumas near trees or in treehouses.


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If you want to have a positive life, just listen to one of them’s voice and touch its mane. This creature is dreams! It costs 900,0000000000000000000000000000000000 on

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