The food unicorn

This is a report about the food unicorn. They are rarely seen so you would be really lucky to spot one in it’s normal form as it is a shape-shifter. They are becoming more and more of a rare sight due to over shopping meaning they can’t eat the leftover food on the shelves and starving to death. Although their only weapon is there rounded horn they are a master of disguise and so actually seeing one is really hard. Have you seen one?


It’s normal form has sweetie eyes, a candy cane tail and a bread body. The reason it is a master of disguise is that it can shape shift into any type of food it has eaten, so if it ate a banana it could turn into a delicious yellow fruit. The more of a type of food it eats the bigger it is when he turns into that type of food.


Unsurprisingly, this greedy creature lives in food stores, supermarkets and food warehouses, where it can get it’s hooves on a tasty smack at a moment’s notice. Some of the species die because they have got so fat they can’t walk back to hide and unicorn hunters kill them. Another reason the population have gone down is because they have had a rare form of diabetes from a sugar overload.


So now that you have read this report, do you think you could spot one if there was one? If you see one of these creature all you need to remember is don’t tell anyone, leave it alone and if you can’t leave it don’t intimidate it.

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