The Lightning Unicorn

The Lightning Unicorn 

 Truly the Lightning Unicorn is the third biggest breed of Unicorn in the world and also it’s the second rarest unicorn it can also reach up to speeds of twenty eight point four million mph at highest, this also explains why it is rarely seen. Strangely this breed is one of a kind and it can live up to one hundred human years. It’s fur is blue, yellow mane and has a diamond horn that’s why they been hunted only to five left. This type of glamorous Unicorn can fly like a jet and swim like a shark. When it’s scared the creature glows.

Like a bird these glamorous creatures migrate to different parts of the world at different times of the year so in spring and autumn they go to the rainforest and in summer they stay in the sky to get heat but in the winter they go to hibernate in caves or shelter. 

For their diet they have to have fifty percent of their food sugar and twenty percent fruit and thirty percent other food they can also eat anything that’s poisonous. They would eat anything if they wanted to but their favourite is Haribo’s so if you want to see one take some haribos with you.

The first super feature is its speed it can reach up to twenty eight point four million mph because it eats so much sugar that it goes crazy and runs so fast and goes mental. It has has so sharp teeth to crunch through coconuts and other solid foods but also if you touch a Lightning Unicorn you’ll get a electric shock. Also it can go to different universes.

Twenty years ago in two thousand and one two boys and a girl saw one their names were William Amber, Lucien Barrett and Poppy Walsh. They were all going on a walk through the woods and they heard a rustling in a blackberry bush and they waited until they saw a Blue fluffy creature in the distance and it had a diamond horn on its head.

If your lucky enough to see one take a photo but do not upset it because it will injure you possibly kill you so don’t mess with one.

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