The fire Alicorn, which has been a known species for several centuries, is actually quite difficult to locate. This shy creature has sensitive hearing and will hide when humans are near. However, alicologists are finally discovering more about fascinating beast.

Interestingly, Helium Bob does not look like a regular unicorn. He is a fire alicorn which means he is orange and red. Helium Bob has lava wings and fire looking eyes that glow in the dark. Also he has stony hooves and weirdly long ears. Amazingly, his best feature is a flaming horn which sparks zooming out of it.

Many people believe that the fire Alicorn can grant wishes but this has yet to be proved. If you believe that one is living in your local area, it is probably best to keep this a secret. They enjoy playing unicorn tag if you  have gained their trust. Remember though, these are wild creatures so do not try to ride them as they resent such an intrusion! Lets keep these graceful creatures safe for future generations.

ollie.c and nevie

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