The Dark Unicorn


Have you ever seen one? Travellers have tried to capture these legendary animals on video or even take a photograph of them for years, but failed trying. Do you think you could you spot one?

The Dark Unicorn comes out at night but hides away in the day because it hates the sun.

The Unicorn lives in the amazing Amazon Rain Forest on a massive grassland with a quiet waterfall. It eats raw meat from large animals and also feeds on berries or apples dropped from trees. It drinks fresh water from puddles, waterfalls or streams. How does it kill big prey? The Dark unicorn uses its spiralling sharp horn to kill.

The Dark Unicorn is all black which helps it camouflages its self with the nature around it. Furthermore, it has bright red eyes, and has brilliant eyesight for sighting animals. It has excellent hearing abilities. It has long black curly hair for keeping warm and a strong heavy, black horn. There is only one unicorn in the Amazon rain Forest, this specific one protects a hidden temple of evil souls in the dangerous parts of the forest.

Its mythic power is if anything makes it angry or mad it makes everything dark and every animals turns red and black.

What would you do if you saw one?


©Joel Middleham 2021

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