The Mysterious Dark Tree by Isabella B

There are some  places people just ignore. The dark tree was like that…..

Have you ever imagined a place where demons rule, where silver bats control the sky, where dragons guard towers: this is the story of that place. Maybe this had always been the things of dreams, that is until Ash stumbled upon something special.

Chapter 1

Ash was always confused as to why people ignored the ‘Dark Tree’, she thought it was a cool name for it. Unfortunately, some people were scared of getting sucked into the tree because apparently there had been rumours about people getting sucked into it and never coming back again. Well guess what…… Ash did not believe those rumours. To Ash it just sounded impossible really. Anyway, today Ash was going to see the tree again and this time she was going to examine it very carefully because it was a real old tree.  Suddenly, once Ash stepped close enough, BOOM! She was gone. She was sucked into the tree alright.. Ash was too scared to open her eyes. She told herself this had to be a dream, there was no way this was true. Finally, she opened her eyes and there was plain darkness, plain DARKNESS. It was darker than space or a locked room. At last a light switched on a lamp and although the light wasn’t strong, it was good enough. Surprisingly, little demons were guarding a fortress like thing, probably summoned by a devil or something she thought shakingly. She could see dolls which looked like they were possessed. On top of one of the demon’s heads, there were sharp horns which looked very dangerous. There was also a table which looked rather old. Ash managed to get a peek at what was under the table. There were battered books, a broken wand and an obsidian coloured cage. The demon creatures and the terrifying dragons were all ninny hammers not noticing Ash crawling to the table although she didn’t blame them as the light was very weak plus Ash was dressed in black – she loved black.


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  1. Ellie and Natalie May 24, 2021 at 12:22 pm

    Hello there, This piece of writing was very good and mysteriouse. You have got good punctuation and words. Awesome work 🙂

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