The Mystery Emporium

The Mystery Emporium Prologue

There are some places were nobody will ever go. The Mystery Emporium was like that.

Even though you can see giant teddy bears begging you to buy them. Even though you can smell  marshmallows in the window. Even though you can see fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. Even though you can hear your favourite music coming from somewhere from inside the Emporium.

But no one wanted to step through the bright, colourful rainbow door. Nobody until Ruby.

Chapter 1 Through the door

Ruby had always been curious of what was in the emporium but her mum and dad had always said that it would get all of them into big trouble. One autumn day something was different on Lincoln Road.  The Emporium’s doors were finally open. Without hesitation, she took her chances and took five steps into the emporium.

Everywhere she looked it seemed like an illusion but everything was reality. There were giant teddy bears on racks, chocolate fountains that somebody could, only dream of. She saw wolves hanging in a golden cage in the air and huge bags of candy, but then… something  caught her eye. It seemed to be a very old leather book on a small desk, She got closer  to the desk and opened the book.

As she read through the writing it looked like it was springing to life. But suddenly a voice hissed at her ” I see you’ve found my book of wonders.” It was the owner. Ruby gasped. In the blink of an eye she closed the old book and slowly started to make eye contact with a frustrated owner.

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