The Mysterious Emporium


There are some places where no one goes. The secret emporium was like that.


Even though, there lay a chest full of jewelry that had gold and diamonds. Even though, the chocolate and the cakes in the window looked like they were begging to be eaten. Even though, there was a shelf filled with rare and exotic collectibles from different countries. Even though, you could smell crunchy crisps and chocolate brownies being baked.


But no one ever entered. The doorway was too heavy and too dark. It was as if the emporium to enter any cost and but no one ever did. No one until, John.





Chapter 1-Into the Emporium

John had always been nosy and wanted to see what is inside the emporium. His parents had often warned him that it could lead into a problem. One bright and dry afternoon, he was casually walking down mystery road when he noticed something strange about the emporium. After it being closed for a while, the door was wide open and without thinking about it, he stepped inside.

Everywhere he looked, it was packed with wonders and things that he wanted to touch. John gazed at a treasure chest filled with gems and jewelry, the glistening making the room bright up. In one side, there was a shelf holding a collection of old, chipped and broken masks which were painted with bright colors. On a counter, there was a plate with brownies oozing with chocolate and caramel waiting to be eaten. A towering cabinet filled with china tea sets, a group of rare and exotic items and parts of ancient artifacts that where around the Bronze Age. Near the corner, there stood a grandfather clock made out of wood and metal ticking as time passes by. Next to a door, there was a glass case that had an old and dingy doll that’s eye seemed to follow you as you walk through the hallway. There were several types of futuristic technology that could fly and light up when near. A brilliant throne made out of glistening gold and green emeralds sat in the middle of the room.

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