The secret Emporium


There are some places where no one ever goes. The secret Emporium was like that. 

Even though, bright red sale signs, promising a bargain, filled the shop window. Even though, designer fashion hung on silk black hangers. Even though, chocolate baked brownies dripping icing. Even though, baskets of fidgets begging to be played with. No one that is until Ellie entered.

Chapter 1- Through the door

Ellie had always been intrigued and her mother had often warned her that it would lead her into mishap. One cloudy morning, she was walking down Liverpool road, when she noticed something strange about the Emporium. Unexpectedly, the door was open and without thinking about it, she stepped inside.


Everywhere she looked, it was packed with wonders and things she wanted to touch. She saw a plastic case filled with colourful spoons. On one counter, a bowl of read glass eyes sat swivelling and staring into space. There was a display of vintage teddy bears that seemed to follow her every move. A cabinet full of pottery bowls, covered with dust. A miniature water feature made soothing sounds. A clear glass container filled with shooting stars shone bright, casting the roof with rainbows.

But what interested her the most was an old leather- bound book. As she turned the pages, the black inky wording created an image of excitement.

“I see you’ve found my book of marvels, ”a deep voice said. Ellie gasped, closed the book and looked up at the owner. He was a tall large middle aged man. Around his neck an emerald green snake hissed. Sticking its tongue out in disapproval





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