The secret Emporium


There are some places where no one ever goes. The secret emporium was just like that. even though the scent of freshly baked brownies filled you with joy escaping from the secret emporium, even though there lay all of the sweets you could ever imagine in fron of you. Even though stylish fashion hung from the windows with patterns and gorgeous details. Even though brightly coloured cubes, slinkies and disks lay amongst the chest filled with fidget toys begging to be played with.
But no one ever entered, the door was too heavy and too dark.

It was as if the emporium wanted you to enter at any cost.

And no one ever did, no one that is, until Layla …


Chapter 1 – Through the door

Layla had always been mischievous and her mother had warned her that it would get her into trouble. But one bright, sunny Morning, She was walking down pixie lane when she noticed something peculiar about the emporium. Unexpectedly, the door was open and without really thinking about it, she stepped inside.


Everywhere she looked, it was packed with wonders and things she wanted to touch. To one side, a display case filled with an assortment of ancient coins, china tea sets and an assortment of jewelled necklaces. On one counter, in a glass bowl lay chocolate brownies oozing caramel tempting you to eat them. On one wall was leather books with spidery writing and coloured pictures of other worlds. On one wall, there was golden, silver and bronze trophies that had been won off great sport achievements. Besides that was a golden painting that’s eyes would follow you.


But what interested Layla the most was an old leather-bound book, as she turned the pages, “I’ve seen you’ve found the book of marvels,” Said a voice. Layla gasped, closed the book and looked up at the owner. He was an old man and whose shoes glow in the sunlight. On his arms a blue sapphire bird, it shook its head disapproving



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