The Mysterious Emporium by Aamina

There are some places in the world were no one dares to enter. The mysterious Emporium is one of those places. 

Even though the lights on the window would sparkle like gemstones. Even though the welcome sign sounds welcoming. Even though the smell of freshly baked brownies overcome you. NO ONE ENTERS.

No one but Maddison.

One summer’s morning Maddison was marching along Brook street when she saw something strange. The Emporium’s doors were wide open and without thinking she stepped right in.

When she looked inside, she saw old antiques that she just wanted to touch. A giant tank filled with stingrays, sea turtles and sharks floating majestically. Stuffed animals and other wonderful toys she just wanted to cuddle. An old oak tree that was just sitting there silently. Chandeliers dangling from the ceiling. A rainbow stretching from one wall to the other. And an old leather bound book she just wanted to read.

“I see you have found my book”whispered a posh voice came from the corner of the room.

Maddison jumped

One Response to “The Mysterious Emporium by Aamina”

  1. Humairaa Desai June 18, 2021 at 10:42 am

    I really loved reading your piece of writing, but I think you could’ve added a bit more vocabulary, but overall it was amazing well done!

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